International Scientific Product Management, Marketing & Sales


By working with our distributors around the world we are able to target our marketing to overcome the cultural differences that exist between America, Asia and Europe.

SMI-LabHut is regularly present at international trade shows and conferences to keep in touch with our distributors and customers.

Introducing any product Internationally takes time. Results are not immediate, and for many companies the time and financial investment is not cost-effective in the short to medium term.

The key to truly effective marketing internationally when appointing and dealing with distributors is to have a constant presence in that market, and to identify, back-up and support those distributors in their own time zone.

It has been proven many times that distributors respond and perform better when they know they can get product support simply by picking up the phone or sending a fax, or e-mail and getting an immediate response.

With product marketing, the cultural differences which exist between American, Asian and European companies can be a real barrier and sometimes even simple design changes to products or literature can make a big difference to their acceptability in different markets.

SMI-LabHut offers a cost effective solution to these problems.

Summary of Marketing Services

  • Creation and distribution of new product brochures (or distribution of existing material) including language support where needed
  • Design and production of exhibition and promotional graphics
  • Direct presence at major International exhibitions and specialist conferences
  • Exhibition support for distributors at regional exhibitions
  • Proposals for promotional campaigns including public relations
  • Design and placement of advertisements
  • Direct mail
  • Enquiries tracking
  • Product data for use on websites
  • Build-up and support of mailing lists if required